University Courseware

University Courseware

The Hanze University of Applied Sciences is the largest university for higher professional education (HBO in Dutch) in the northern provinces of the Netherlands. The university has over 26.000 students and close to 3.000 employees.

Netherlingua developed courseware for first year university students for the course Infrastructure and Security. This course is taught in the first year of the curriculum to all IT students, of which there were over 300 in 2016. Students who complete the full four-year Bachelor program, receive a Bachelor of Science title and become network engineers, software developers, security consultants or business managers.

The Infrastructure and Security course is an important course for first-year students to gain valuable technical experience, but it is a fundamentally important course for students striving to become experts in computer networking and information security.

Topics included in the course are:

  • Network diagrams;
  • Types of broadband internet access;
  • Network layer protocols (TCP and UDP);
  • Application layer protocols (HTTP, FTP, POP3, etc.);
  • Protocol layering;
  • Networking and The OSI model;
  • Client-server-architectures;
  • RFC’s;
  • Processes, inter-process communication and resources;
  • Windows Server (Active Directory, DNS Servers, Domain Controllers, Shares, etc.);
  • Network security (Port and Web Vulnerability Scanning, Cross-site Scripting, etc.).

The focus of the course is on learning by researching and performing practical lab assignments. Development of the course included setting up and administering several virtual Ubuntu Linux servers. Each week students are asked to answer theoretical questions first, while building up to an advanced application of low-level tools, such as Telnet, Traceroute and Pingplotter, The finale of the course are several assignments that explore ethical hacking, which motivates even the most intelligent and most lazy students.